Freeze tag …

Elizabeth posted a great ad on her blog, so I thought I’d follow up with one on my own. Although this commercial is riff off of freeze tag, there are interesting parallels to other things we’ve looked at in the course as well – stopping time, cameras and the ‘pursuit’ or hunting, Sontag’s violence of the image, etc.

One thought on “Freeze tag …

  1. It’s interesting how the company employs the idea of stopping time. With the camera you can freeze your world, literally preserve it and effortlessly manipulate your memory. It’s all about the user; you’re in control of your universe with the camera. But this isn’t like the Kodak ads from the early 20th cent. You don’t get the impression that they’re scaring you into create photographs as personal mementos.

    In fact, there’s no hint to photos as objects and it’s almost as though everything (including the user, their identity) exists digitally? Photographs and real time are both amalgamated in this commercial. We do live in the digital era and with facebook profiles, blogs, twitter etc. a lot of our identities are being showcased/created online. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this…

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