Stop Motion Part II: Flashback

So after finishing a post on Muybridge and stopped time, I come across references to a video by Japanese band, Androp.  Using no CGI (apparently), the video producers/designers wired together 250 Canon cameras with flashes.  At first it seems like all they are doing is a pretty standard strobe effect (cue high school dance flashback here – look man, I’m doing the robot).  But around 2:58 you’ll see that they use images from the cameras behind the band to create a completely different sense of motion.  Lots of technical discussion over at Strobist regarding what they actually used to create the effects, but I find it interesting that the video starts with a careful set of shots emphasizing the technical setup.  T. G. Hamilton‘s multiple cameras were fired off by flash in the dark during seances, but only when the spirits told him to take the shot.  Maybe ghosts in the machine could create their own light show with this kind of setup.